Perché scegliere un primer senza silicone

Why you should prefer silicone-free primers

Hi Dear! Are you a makeup enthusiast and love to grace your skin first with a primer? If that’s a yes, you might have  noticed that a lot of brands, even high-end makeup brands, use silicone as one of their main ingredients in their primers (this is also true for skincare and other make-up products). What are primers for? Primers are a great invention, as they are designed to facilitate makeup application and to keep our makeup flawless and in place for hours. Unfortunately, most primers contain silicone in order to guarantee a silky, easy to blend texture and to make our skin surface smoother. Being water resistant they also guarantee a long lasting result. So why should you prefer silicone-free primers? -Silicones form a film on top of your skin to create a smoother canvas for makeup application, but they also lock in dirt, sebum, dead skin cells, bacteria and sweat, which in the long-term can cause breakouts. – Silicones could also be clogging your pores and preventing your skin from receiving additional moisture which might dry out your skin in the long run. – Silicones are non-natural polymers which, once removed from the face, accumulate and burden the environment. They aren’t biodegradable and therefore are harmful to the environment. Is there a valid alternative? Yes! There are great organic, silicone free, vegan primers on the market, which work really well. Since I’ve gone “green” and started to use silicone-free products for myself and my clients , I understood right from the get-go that adeguate skin preparation is a must before applying foundations, which should also be silicone- free. I often prefer a small amount of natural oils like jojoba oil or almond oil to prep and prime my clients skin, but I also use different primers on different kinds of skins. Here are 3 organic, silicone-free primers I love to use: -Bjobj: Primer for mixed and oily skin, available on -Inika: Certified Organic Pure Primer, suitable for all skin types, available on -Vapour:Stratus Soft Focus Perfecting Primer, normal, sensitive and combination skin types, available on Have you ever thought about using silicone-free primers?