relax and lift in seven days

Re-discover radiant and younger looking skin
with self-massage, exercises and spoons!

As we get older our face and neck loose elasticity and firmness

Do you discover new wrinkles every day when you look in the mirror?

Do you feel like you look tired all the time?

Does your skin lack vitality?

It’s time for an energy boost!

With the combination of 3 rejuvenating techniques in the program “Relax and lift in 7 days” you can:

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles naturally
Improve firmness
Boost blood circulation, reactivate your skin tissues and create a lifting effect from the comfort of your home!

What do you need to participate in this program?

All you need is an organic facial oil and spoons!

The spoon massage
As a holistic facialist and natural beauty tool expert I love alternative and natural beauty treatments!
Spoons are excellent tools which are a great substitute for the ancient cinese medicine tool Gua Sha. Spoons adapt perfectly to the shape of your face and provide an excellent draining and lifting effect.
I combined the unique spoon massage with other 2 rejuvenating techniques:
Self-massage and exercises!
These will first relax your tense face and neck muscles and then lift the tissues.
Discover what this amazing combination of techniques can do for you!
Ines Alexandra - organic beauty coach

Meet your Organic Beauty Coach:

Hi! I’m Ines Alexandra, Organic Beauty Coach, Qualified Cosmetic Consultant, Holistic Facialist and Makeup Artist. I have more than 20 years of experience in the Beauty industry and have worked with many famous beauty brands until I decided to switch completely to natural and organic cosmetics and to adopt a non toxic lifestyle. Having to deal with my first signs of aging a few years ago, and wanting to avoid plastic surgery and injections, I studied and deep dived into natural rejuvenating techniques and created a method that turns back the clock naturally.

Why you shouldn’t do this on your own:

You can find all kinds of confusing rejuvenating videos on line which won’t give you precise and professional instructions on how to actually create your routine in order to get results.

I will guide you step by step and show you how to insert these techniques into your daily beauty routine (even if you don’t have one yet) and exactly what you should do to get tangible results.

What’s included in the “Relax and lift” program:

You will receive 7 modules in 7 days with short and easy to follow lessons

Topic of the lessons:

Self massage techniques


Spoon massage techniques

With my guidance you will be able to create your unique beauty treatment and insert it easily in your daily beauty routine

Downloadable worksheets for every lesson

Access to the course:

You will get access to your private course area where the videos will remain available for 1 year.

Bonus 1:

Learn how to treat your Decolletè with the spoon massage!
A Bonus lesson on how to improve the signs of aging on your Decolletè!

Bonus 2:

Join my free Facebook group “Natural Glow over 40” where we chat about natural Make-up, Skincare and natural rejuvenating techniques. Become part of my beautiful community of like minded Ladies over 40.
Please note:
This program is not for you if you suffer from broken capillaries, severe acne, rosacea or open wounds.
See you inside!
Much Love

Ines Alexandra