L'omega 3, il superfood per la bellezza della nostra pelle

Omega 3, the superfood for the beauty of our skin

What are Omega 3:
They are essential fatty acids necessary for the proper functioning of our body. Not only are they part of the cell membrane, but also the hydrolipidic film of our skin.
The hydrolipidic film is responsible for the health of our skin, its defense, hydration, elasticity and youth.
Being an exceptional natural anti-inflammatory, Omega 3 can cure widespread skin diseases such as dermatitis or psoriasis. But Omega 3 is also an excellent anti-aging superfood! It is beneficial for the whole body, the cardiovascular system, the brain and sight.
The highest concentration of this superfood is found in bluefish, cod and salmon.
Famous American dermatologist Dr. Nicholas Perricone, anti-aging guru of Hollywood stars, prescribes a diet based on salmon to his customers. A diet rich in Omega 3, aimed to drastically reduce the inflammation of the cells and therefore to provide healthy, elastic and younger looking skin.
His conclusion is that poor food choices and a deficit of Omega 3 are directly responsible for wrinkles, relaxed tissues, degenerative diseases and premature aging.
And he is right: Omega 3, which is not produced by our body, but must be integrated, has an amazing effect on our whole body and above all on our largest organ, the skin!
A well balanced diet rich in Omega 3 will therefore protect us from aging and has a rejuvenating effect. Those who do not like to eat fish or do not eat enough can opt for a good supplement.

The main Omega 3 fats:
ALA (alpha linolenic acid)
EPA (eicoisapentenoic acid)
DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)

ALA, the vegetable Omega 3:
Vegetable Omega 3 is found in foods such as walnuts, linseed oil, rapeseed and hemp oil and chia seeds. Unfortunately, these Omega 3 are absorbed and converted only to a small extent, around 5%, by our body, so the bioavailability of ALA is very low.
There is hope, however, for vegetarians and vegans: algae!

EPA and DHA:
The most bioavailable Omega 3s, EPA and DHA, are found in fish oil, squid, shellfish and algae.
Schizochytrium and Crypthecodinium cohnii algae have a very high concentration of EPA and DHA, in fact, they represent the main food source for fish.

Features of a good Omega 3 supplement:
A good Omega 3 supplement should have EPA and DHA deriving either from fish or from algae.
Such integration should be constant and last a minimum of 6 months.
Furthermore, a good Omega 3 derived from fish should have MSC certification, which guarantees responsible fishing and a certification that attests to the absence of heavy metals.
Another important point is the traceability of the product that should be indicated on the packaging, it guarantees the freshness of the oil, shows us where and when it was processed.
A high quality Omega 3 supplement with these features is safe for us and for the environment.
Omega 3 is a real superfood for healthy, younger looking and beautiful skin!
Have you tried it yet?