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Natural Rejuvenation Retreat Summer Edition!

Join my intensive 5 week program to take years off your face, neck and Decolletè, naturally!

I will share with you my Top natural rejuvenating techniques:

Re-discover radiant and younger looking skin!

As we get older the shape of our face changes, the neck and decolletè show the first signs of aging:

Do you discover new wrinkles every day when you look in the mirror?

Do you feel like you look tired all the time?

Would you like to improve a specific area of your face, neck and/or Decolletè?

Have you noticed that your usual make-up routine doesn’t give you any satisfying results anymore?

I know exactly how you feel!

I’m almost 50 and I know that the face, neck and Decolletè require extra attention!

It’s time for a real action plan!
Join my Natural Rejuvenation Retreat Summer Edition to prepare your skin for the Summer and

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles naturally
Improve tired looking skin and increase firmness
Improve your skin texture from the comfort of your home, no esthetician needed!
Create a lifting effect with rejuvenating make-up techniques and improve your self-esteem
Ines Alexandra - organic beauty coach

Meet your Organic Beauty Coach:

Hi! I’m Ines Alexandra, Organic Beauty Coach, Qualified Cosmetic Consultant, Holistic Facialist and Makeup Artist. I have more than 20 years of experience in the Beauty industry and have worked with many famous beauty brands until I decided to switch completely to natural and organic cosmetics and to adopt a non toxic lifestyle. Having to deal with my first signs of aging a few years ago, and wanting to avoid plastic surgery and injections, I studied and deep dived into natural rejuvenating techniques and created a method that turns back the clock naturally.

I am passionate about helping you to achieve YOUR natural rejuvenating goals:

This program will help you take years off your face, neck and decolletè with simple and easy to follow techniques, in just 5 weeks

The program is designed to help you create your own personal rejuvenating routine

At the end of this program you will feel and look younger, and if you implement what you’ve learned, you will get even better results in the weeks to come.

What’s so unique about this program?

It’s a combination of techniques and tools that makes the difference.
You will learn exactly which technique to use and when.
You can go and find all kinds of different confusing rejuvenation videos on YouTube, but you won’t find a combination of self-massage techniques, face exercises, the use of natural beauty tools and rejuvenating Make-up techniques in one program on the market.
This program is unique and brings unique results!
Let me take you by the hand and create your Beauty Routine in order for you to feel and look younger!

What do you need to participate in this program?

All you need during this program will be delivered directly to you, you will receive the exclusive “Rejuvenation Beauty Box” containing:

Three natural Beauty tools that we will use during the program

An exclusive organic facial oil

The Natural Rejuvenation Retreat Summer Edition will start on the 23rd of June.

Access to the program:

The program is going to be hosted in the “Natural Rejuvenation Retreat Summer Edition” private Facebook group.

You will have 6 months access to the program.

You will receive 5 modules in 5 weeks:

  • Module 1: Learn effective self-massage techniques to lift and tighten your face, neck and Decolletè.
  • Module 2: Discover a beauty tool from the traditional Chinese medicine to firm and lift face, neck and Decolletè. You will receive your exclusive beauty tool directly with your “Rejuvenation Beauty Box”.
  • Module 3: Discover specific face exercises that sculpt and lift the face and the neck.
  • Module 4: Discover two natural Beauty tools that will help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles and provide a youthful glow and that will be sent to you directly with your “Rejuvenation Beauty Box”.
  • Module 5: Learn simple, yet very effective lifting Make-up techniques. Take years off your lovely face in just 10 minutes!

What’s included:

– The exclusive “Rejuvenation Beauty Box” with 3 natural Beauty tools and an exclusive organic face oil you will use during the program. No need to purchase anything, everything you need will be delivered to your house before the program starts.

– One live Beauty coaching class once a week plus one live Q+A session once a week where all your questions will be answered.

– A private Facebook group with wonderful, like minded Ladies.

– Weekly worksheets with all the rejuvenation techniques I will share during the classes.

– By the end of this program you will have a complete workbook with step by step instructions on how to rejuvenate your face, neck and Decolletè naturally.

Have a look at one of my client’s results after she’d attended my last Rejuvenating Retreat:

What my clients say about the Natural rejuvenation Retreat:

“I really loved all the techniques, my wrinkles are visibly less profound and my skin looks much better! I absolutely recommend this program!” A.Antok

“This program is easy to follow and to implement. Ines coached us step by step and I had amazing results: my eyes are rejuvenated and my skin is firmer!” P.Lavazza

“I absolutely recommend this program! It is simple steps and not too much all at once. I love my results: my improved nasolabial lines and my sculpted jawline!” W.Byard

Would you like to get the same results? Join the Natural Rejuvenation Retreat Summer Edition, we will start on the 23rd of june 2021!

This program is easily worth





Have you always wanted to switch to “green” and organic and would you like to know more about how to look and feel younger with natural Cosmetics?

I can help you with that!

You will get a one hour 1:1 organic beauty coaching session with me to achieve your personal skin goals!

By the end of that session you will know exactly which Cosmetics to purchase and where to purchase them.
This coaching session is worth


and you will get it as a Bonus by joining the Natural Rejuvenation Retreat Summer Edition!

You can join the program now for



This 5 week holistic self-love Retreat is for you if:

You want to take action and rejuvenate naturally

You don’t fancy invasive treatments or plastic surgery.

You want to look like you’ve been on a holiday

You want radiant and younger looking skin

You want to raise your self-confidence and self-esteem

Make sure to reserve your price of 497 euros and to receive your exclusive “Rejuvenation Beauty Box”! 

See you there!
Much Love

Ines Alexandra