Come prevenire l'invecchiamento

How to prevent your skin from aging


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Have you ever heard a beauty or skin expert talking about the importance of sunscreen?

You probably have. Sunscreen is one of the most important tools in preventing us from aging, keeping our skin protected from age spots and wrinkles. I’ve always recommended that my clients use a sunscreen underneath their makeup or Foundation that contains SPF 30 or 50 even on cloudy days and during the winter. Fortunately, a lot of organic non-chemical sunscreen products are now available on the market and they are a great alternative to chemical filters which may cause some health concerns. If  you want to know more about harsh chemical sun filters and which ones to avoid check out Odalyque’s article.

The difference between chemical and mineral sunscreens

The difference between a synthetic-chemical sun filter and a physical-mineral sunscreen is that the former is absorbed into the skin while the physicl-mineral sunscreen remains on top of the skin and reflects the sunlight. Natural sunscreens like titanium oxide and zinc oxide are absolutely safe for our skin. For optimal protection, both in the city and by the sea, applying the mineral sunscreen several times a day is recommended.

About UV radiation

95% of UV radiation comes from UVA rays and we deal with them all year long as they penetrate clouds, windows and our skin deeply, reaching skin cells and activating free radicals. On a long-term basis they cause photo aging, allergies and age spots.

UVB rays are 5% of all UV rays. They are mainly responsible for sunburns and allergies but also provide suntans. An excellent solar protector, in addition to beeing 100% natural, should therefore have the perfect balance of UVA and UVB filters at 1:3.

With that being said, to avoid premature skin aging, blemishes and wrinkles, it is important to wear sunscreen all year round, as a cream under your makeup or as a base containing SPF.

Here are some organic products I love to use:

100% PURE tomato lycopene SPF 20 moisturizer

100% PURE everywhere sun stick SPF 30

MADARA organic skincare CCcream SPF 15

MADARA organic skincare plant stem cell age-defying face SPF 30