Una pelle fantastica con l'OCM

Get fantastic skin with the Oil Cleansing Method

Can proper cleansing give us fresh, uniform, smooth and healthy skin?
As you may know, the skin is our largest organ, an organ that has bacterial flora, hydrolipidic film and particular pH levels in specific areas of the body. Our bacterial flora, hydrolipidic film and pH levels protect us from external agents, bacteria and infections. When these natural protective functions fail, we may encounter serious skin problems and are prone to premature aging!
What could destroy this fabulous natural protection that we have?
Cleansing too aggressively with surfactants such as SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and SLES (Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate). These two ingredients should be avoided when choosing a cleanser. They damage our hydrolipidic film and alter our pH levels, which should be around 5 pH on the face and neckline. Most of the cleansers on the market have a pH of around 9 and are hence alkaline and too aggressive for our skin. These types of cleansers remove too much hydration and sebum, thereby stripping the skin of its natural skin barrier, leaving it dry and dehydrated. This applies to body cleansers as well. Did you know that our skin takes up to 12 hours to restore its natural surface after being exposed to a such a cleanser?
Luckily, there are natural methods and products that can prevent this.
One of these methods is the OCM, otherwise known as the oil cleansing method, which takes oil and runs with it! Based on the principle that like dissolves like, this method perfectly removes oil-based makeup as well as excess sebum. OCM is ideal for combination oily skin, revamping your T-zone, while also being perfect for dry skin lacking in lipids. This cleansing method couldn’t be better for irritated skin because it replenishes the skin’s hydrolipidic film and pH level. It’s also great when combatting skin aging because it deeply nourishes and soothes the skin, what with the oil’s anti-aging ingredients. The only no-go zones: dermatitis and acute rosacea or open wounds. For all other types of skin, this cleansing can give you top-notch results! OCM results in smooth, hydrated, soothed and healthy skin.
How to start:
Start your oil cleansing 2 times a week, gradually. Listen to your skin, seeing as not all oils work well with all skin. Experiment with it. When your skin gets used to it, you can start cleansing 3 times a week all the way until it becomes a nightly routine. You’ll come out with a revitalized skin that is hydrated, compact and uniform. What you need:
  • Almond oil, argan oil or jojoba oil (cold-pressed and eco-bio certified)
  • Pure cotton pads and a cotton towel to remove makeup
  • Warm water
The Procedure:
Apply your organic oil directly onto your face and massage for about a minute. You can easily remove your eye-Makeup by applying a small amount of oil on a cotton pad and using it on the eye-area. It will remove your mascara perfectly. Wet the towel with warm water water and remove all the Makeup. Repeat the procedure if necessary. Once the makeup has been removed, however, I recommend applying an excellent cleansing milk to remove any residual oil, double cleansing is always a good idea during the evening routine. If, on the other hand, you don’t wear Makeup and your skin feels clean, you can proceed directly with your tonic after the oil cleansing method. Have you ever tested out OCM? Tell me all about it!