Gua Sha class

Facial Gua Sha lifting Masterclass

60 minute intensive!


Create an instant lifting effect on your face with laser focused self-massage and Gua Sha techniques!

27th of April at 2pm cet

Yes, replays are available for 30 days

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With Ines Alexandra, certified international Gua Sha teacher and creator of the Organic Beauty Lift Method TM

No more buying into the latest expensive cream that doesn’t work.

No more wondering if the solution to look like your younger self is injections or plastic surgery.

No more looking in the mirror and not being happy with your reflection!

Is that you?

Maybe you’ve heard of natural rejuvenation techniques but don’t really know where to start?

Maybe you’ve already tried invasive treatments to get your glow back, but are not happy with the outcome?

Maybe you don’t have a proper and natural Beauty Routine in place to significantly improve your skin?

It’s time for a real action plan!

Self-massage techniques and Gua Sha techniques are two very powerful tools to turn back the clock naturally!

…and during our 60 minute Masterclass you’ll learn how to use both, so that you can create an immediate lifting effect!

Completely natural, non invasive, and from the comfort of your home!

Discover how to look instantly younger in just 60 minutes with 2 powerful and natural rejuvenation techniques!

What is included in this high performing Masterclass:

60 minutes of self-massage and facial Gua Sha techniques to achieve a natural lifting effect

1 exclusive facial Gua Sha precision tool that will be sent to you before the class

A quick Q&A at the end of the class

What is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese medicine tool which is excellent for natural rejuvenation!

It can come in rose quartz, jade or other stones and metals and can have different forms and sizes.

You will receive a Gua Sha precision tool in jade which has energizing properties. This tool can cost up to 42 euros and is included in the price of this online class. It will be sent directly to you before we start.


Would you like to know more about what is possible for you in terms of natural rejuvenation?

Do you have a skin related issue that you don’t know how to solve?

Now you can get all the answers you seek!


When you sign up for this class you will get a free private 30 minute consultation with me, so that you can ask me anything and get your tailor made age reversal strategy in place.

What do you need to attend this Masterclass?

Your Gua Sha precision tool which will be sent directly to you, no need to look for or purchase anything
Clean and well moisturized skin (please bring your daily moisturizer)
A table mirror
Ines Alexandra - organic beauty coach

Meet your Organic Beauty Coach:


I’m Ines Alexandra and I’m 50 years old.

I’m a Qualified Cosmetic Consultant, Make-up Artist, Holistic Facialist and certified Gua Sha teacher.

I believe that turning back the clock naturally is absolutely possible!


Because I see it happening all the time, on myself and on my clients!

Here is what happened to me a long time ago:

When I was younger, I worked as a Model in Italy. It was the fabulous 90s and physical perfection and plastic surgery was very much in vogue. I got tempted as well and underwent a procedure that I very much regretted for years until I decided to go back to natural again. That was the exact time ( I was 25 ) when I decided I would age naturally.

And what does that actually mean?

Well, when I saw the first signs of aging in my early 40s, I was not only determined to avoid invasive procedures, but to find a way to reverse these signs naturally.

And so I did!

After many years as an expert in the Beauty industry I deep dived and specialized in natural rejuvenation techniques and developed my own powerful method:

The Organic Beauty Lift Method TM.

It’s a proven method to turn back the clock naturally and give you tangible results.

This Masterclass is for Ladies over 40 who want to create a lifting effect with natural and powerful techniques!

Masterclass is for Ladies over 40

During this class we will use:

Clever and laser focused self-massage techniques, so that you can boost your blood circulation, reactivate your tissues and see instant results!
Your ancient Chinese Gua Sha precision tool to lift, firm and tone your tissues, so that you recognize your younger self in the mirror again!

What my participants say about this program:

Alina Barna

Photographer and Business strategist “Ines showed us amazing techniques to rejuvenate the face naturally! After doing all the steps during this class I literally felt my face alive and refreshed! I totally recommend her work to all the Ladies who want to have an instant younger and refreshed look!”

Lynn Coleman

Copywriter “Ines knows how to make everyone feel at ease. She gets you trying out techniques in no time and you can definitely see the results even after this one session. Eye-opening!”

Sara Parenti

“I loved it! I’ve always been fascinated by natural Beauty and natural rejuvenation techniques, but never really had the chance to learn about them until I found Ines .. I must say that was an amazing experience!”

Can’t wait to meet you!


Much Love

Ines Alexandra