Clean Make-up Session

Why is it important to detox your Make-up bag?

Our Skin is a precious eco-system and we don’t want to “poison” it with harsh chemicals in our Skincare or Make-up products.

Just like Skincare, Make-up should preserve our PH, hydrolipidic film and healthy microbiome.

Switch to organic Make-up!

Organic Make-up is not only high performing and good for our Skin, it also respects our planet and all living beings!

Clean Makeup Session
Clean Makeup Session

Do you feel like your current Make-up products don’t bring you the desired results anymore?

Does Make-up even make you look older than your age?

Make-up products and techniques should change according to the changes of our Skin!

This Session is for you if you want to find out which products to use, so that you can create a youthful and fresh Make-up look!

Discover which organic Make-up products respect, nourish and rejuvenate your Skin naturally!

When you book your Clean Make-up Session:
– We will start by having a look at your current Make-up Routine and talk about do’s and don’ts.
– Then we will create your new organic, tailor made Make-up Routine according to your needs.
– After our Clean Make-up Session you will receive an email with all the information on how and where to purchase your new organic Make-up products.

Clean Makeup Session
Clean Makeup Session
Please note:

– The “Clean Make-up Session” is available online or 1:1
– Duration: 1 hour
– Makeup products are not included.