Ines Alexandra

Ines Alexandra - organic beauty coach

Hi Dear, nice to meet you!
My name is Ines Alexandra and I’m a Milan based professional makeup artist, skincare specialist and qualified cosmetic consultant.
I’ve worked with brands like Estee Lauder, Lancome, MacCosmetics, Tom Ford and many others.
It was during the last few years of my career as a makeup artist that I started to ask myself if a new and environmental-friendly approach to makeup was possible. What kind of product was I actually putting on my clients’ skin? Personally, beeing a lipstick fanatic, I often wondered: what kind of chemicals am I putting on my lips three or four times a day?
Actually I already knew the answer by having a look at the ingredients list. This is how I slowly converted to organic skincare and makeup and how I began to use these products on my clients and on myself.
It’s true, the world of makeup is glamorous, sparkling and fabulous.
So, is it possible to combine this aspect with a “cleaner”, more responsible way of using cosmetics?
I absolutely think it is!

I will show you how to get a fabulous and naturally beautiful look by using organic, sustainable and high quality cosmetics.

We will create the perfect skincare and / or makeup routine for you with certified organic products that are nourishing and protect your skin from ageing.

Because healthy and protected skin is the perfect canvas for a great makeup!
Let’s start!