Ines Alexandra - organic beauty coach
Ines Alexandra - organic beauty coach

Hi Darling!
Nice to meet you!

I am Ines Alexandra and I’m 50 years old.

I’m a Qualified Cosmetic Consultant, Holistic Facialist, Make-up Artist and the creator of the “Organic Beautylift Method”.

I help female professionals over 40 to look and feel their best and years younger with proven and natural rejuvenation techniques.

I’m originally from Germany and now based in Milan, Italy.
I came to Italy when I was really young to work as a model and eventually stayed here.
At 30 I became a certified Make-up Artist and Skincare expert and I’ve been in the beauty industry for over 20 years now.

Approximately 5 years ago I decided to quit my job as a “conventional” Make-up Artist and Beauty Expert.
I was working for a famous American Beauty brand at that time and remember I was putting Makeup on one of my beautiful clients when I suddenly realised:

I didn’t want to put this incredible amount of nasty chemicals on my clients’ Skin anymore!

That was the exact moment I decided I would become a Qualified Cosmetic Consultant and Holistic Facialist with focus on Organic cosmetics.

I believe that everything is connected!

beauty doesn't have to be toxic

Beauty doesn’t have to be toxic!
As an environmentalist and Holistic Beauty specialist I believe that everything is connected!
Conventional cosmetics can be very toxic for us and for our planet. What we put on our skin matters! We can easily avoid Ingredients like toxic parabens, silicones and microplastics in our cosmetics. These ingredients are harmful for us and all living beings.

My motto is: Detox to rejuvenate! 

The right tailor made and organic Skincare routine is the first step to having healthy, glowing and youthful Skin!

What is the “Organic Beautylift Method”?

The Organic Beautylift Method is a unique combination of NATURAL techniques and tools, it’s a tailor made approach, designed to reverse aging naturally!

I am passionate about helping you to achieve YOUR natural rejuvenating goals, according to YOUR Skin type and needs, so that you can recognize your younger self in the mirror again.

With this unique and proven Method, rejuvenating results can come fast, I see it with my clients all the time!

Now it’s your turn!
How can I help you?