Occhio alla routine di skincare dopo i 40 anni

A look into skincare routines after 40


Did you know that after just 30 years of age our skin starts losing elasticity and our first wrinkles come about?

This is because our epidermis, the external layer of our skin, gradually loses its capacity to self-repair, and fibroblasts within the dermis begin to decrease and slow down, which are the cells responsible for the production of hyaluronic acid, elastin and collagen.

Two factors stand out in aging:

The endogenous one, which depends on our genetic heritage, and the exogenous one, which depends on the environment around us as well as the lifestyle.

Both of these factors lead to skin aging in the face and body, causing the famous 10 signs of aging

If things kick off at 30, then what happens around the age of 40?

The signs of aging become deeper and more noticeable, as the eye area stands out and droops down and the oval of the face loses compactness and tone.

The first spots and irregular skin texture come about.

So, how can we combat these signs with natural solutions, without drastic treatment or trips to cosmetic surgeons?

There are so many possibilities if we’re talking innovation in natural cosmetics, when joining forces with face yoga, self-massage and beauty tool techniques, all for excellent results!

Does this mean we can keep the skin elastic with a young and toned appearance after age 40 while still using natural remedies?

Absolutely! But be careful, as beating out the signs of aging means needing solid foundations.

The basics behind a correct 4-step skincare routine are:

1. Step:


A fundamental step in having a beautiful and healthy skin. While cleansing methods can vary for each type of skin, it is important to cleanse in a way that respects the skin’s pH and is constant.

Removing make-up and removing pollution particles in the evening is a must that prepares the skin for night treatment.

In the morning, opting for a light and moisturizing cleansing is your best bet, for example with micelle water (eco-bio certified is highly recommended to avoid harmful ingredients).

2. Step:


Hydration is essential for mature skin. The right serum followed by the perfect moisturizing cream or lotion protects us and keeps elastic tissues in order all day long.

In the evening, be sure to help spread out the active ingredients of the treatments with a beauty tool suited to your skin and needs. Results are guaranteed!

3. Step:


Stimulating slowed cellular turnover is vital through an exfoliation 1-2 times a week.

Depending on the type of skin, you can opt for a mechanical scrub or an exfoliating mask.

4. Step:


We help the skin regenerate every night with an effective anti-aging treatment, which happens after every exfoliation or stimulation by means of self-massage or with a beauty tool.

After the age of 40, weekly lifting masks and nourishing vials are also a plus in helping restore the balance and proper hydration of our skin.

Consistency is the way to go!

I’d like to dedicate a few words to make-up after the age of 40:

My advice is to choose eco-bio certified make-up products (just like cosmetics for routine skincare), thus avoiding ingredients that are harmful to us and the environment alike.

Ingredients such as petrolatum and silicone reduce the effectiveness of precious active ingredients, as they hinder the process of absorption.

So, let’s choose make-up with anti-aging properties that contribute to the hydration and protection of our skin.

I recommend light and moisturizing make-up products.

Let’s also avoid colors on the darker side like black, as well as eyeliners that are too sharp, and also an excessive use of powder. These are all things that can optically age.

Would you care to know more? Learn more about the right skincare routine with amazing results as well as 10-year instantly rejuvenating make-up techniques!

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