7 secrets to having amazing skin during and after Menopause!


Let’s talk Menopause and skin:

A lot of changes happen in our skin in Perimenopause, Menopause and Postmenopause.

Once we have reached Menopause, (12 months after our last period) we might notice a few changes in our skin due to rapidly declining estrogen levels.

For example: Sagging skin and loss of firmness.

When estrogen drops, collagen production in our skin decreases and it might lose its youthful tightness and volume.

But no worries, here are 7 secrets that will keep your skin youthful and fit as a fiddle during and after Menopause:

Secret Nr.1:

Practice laser focused and specific self-massage techniques according to your skin goals! They will stimulate your skin tissues and blood circulation and at the same time increase the production of collagen and elastin!

Secret Nr.2:

The use of natural Beauty tools is the solution if you want to improve tired looking and sagging skin. As a certified international Gua Sha teacher I see amazing transformations when my clients use this ancient chinese tool regularly.

If used properly and as part of your daily Beauty Routine, it can dramatically change the appearance of your skin.

Another very common thing we might notice in our skin once we’ve reached Menopause is extremely dry and sensitive skin:

You might notice dry, flaky and itching skin, as well as uneven and irritated skin.

Secret Nr.3:

Make sure your skin gets both types of hydration: water based and oil based hydration! Insert certified organic oils into your daily Skincare routine, this will instantly improve dryness.

You also might want to apply organic oil directly on extra dry parts of your skin.

“And what if my skin is extremely dry?”

Secret Nr.4:

Then try the OCM, the oil cleansing method!

Cleanse your skin morning and evening with natural oil instead of using conventional cleansers.

Have a look at this amazing method here

Other two very common issues during Menopause are redness and hyperpigmentation.

Due to hormonal changes, flushing can occur, as well as skin reactivity and rosacea. Some of these issues are related to vasodilation.

Secret Nr.5:

Improve your skin with supplements!

You might want to add supplements such as natural Vitamin C to your diet. Vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant, reduces inflammation and helps to stimulate the production of collagen in your tissues. It also helps to increase capillary strength.

Secret Nr.6:

If you suffer from redness, a change in your Skincare Routine is the answer.

Choose a TAILOR MADE Organic Skincare Routine to calm your skin down and to reduce inflammation. Avoid harsh chemical ingredients in Skincare and Make-up, harsh cleansers and hot baths or showers.

Another common problem is hyperpigmentation:

Hyperpigmentation can occur with hormonal changes and unprotected sun exposure.

Secret Nr.7:

There are a lot of valid and natural products on the market to reduce hyperpigmentation. Use them during night time and always wear sun protection during the day and all year round.

Make sure to choose a natural SPF instead of a chemical one. Chemical filters are harmful for your skin and for the environment.

These are 7 powerful secrets to having amazing skin during and after Menopause!

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