The organic Beautylift Method
Look younger

“There is a precise strategy to turn back the clock naturally. it’s called The Organic Beautylift Method!”

Are you looking for a natural, non-invasive and non-toxic method to look and feel years younger?
You are in the right place!
Welcome to your Natural Rejuvenation journey, a self-care and self-love journey with a beautiful destination:
Happy, vibrant and youthful Skin!

Our Services

The organic Beautylift Method - Work with me
Start your tailor made and exclusive rejuvenation journey with me as your private Organic Beauty Coach! I will take you by the hand and show you step by step how to revitalize and re-energize your skin. We will use a combination of natural, personalized and powerful techniques, so that you can recognize your younger self in the mirror again!
The organic Beautylift Method - Group programs
Join a community of like minded, wonderful Ladies and experience how powerful natural rejuvenation techniques can be! Turn back the clock visibly in just a few weeks and create your own unique self-love and self-care ritual that will change your face, neck and Decolletè radically!
The organic Beautylift Method - Detox your Beauty bag
A very important part of the “Organic Beautylift Method” is to detox your Beauty Bag! Our skin is an ecosystem and we don’t want to pollute it with chemical ingredients in conventional Skincare or Make-up! Radical skin transformation starts with loving care and certified organic cosmetics, carefully chosen according to your skin type and needs.
The organic Beautylift Method - Courses and workshops
Join our specific Courses and Workshops about various topics! Are you new to natural rejuvenation techniques, or would you like to stay up to date with the latest techniques and tools? We offer Courses that you can do at your own pace and Masterclasses and Workshops with the latest rejuvenation techniques!
Ines Alexandra: what my clients say
Marjolein Van Braam Morris

Marjolein van Braam Morris, Netherlands

Working with Ines is absolutely brilliant! I’m much more in touch with my body now and my results are amazing: my skin feels and looks smoother and firmer, some fine lines and wrinkles have disappeared. I feel like I’m glowing! Invest in yourself and in loving your body, you won’t regret it!

Jane Adlington

Jane Adlington, Germany

I love Ines’ positivity and charming approach to a natural way of looking after your skin! I completely changed my daily Beauty routine, quit bad habits and installed new and better ones. I absolutely recommend working with Ines, I love my results!

Roberta Capodiferro

Roberta Capodiferro, Italy

When I found Ines I was not happy with the way my skin looked. Working with her literally opened up my eyes and it felt like starting a healing self-love journey. The outcome is incredible: my skin is healthy, happy and youthful and I know my results will get better and better. I can’t thank her enough!

About Me

Ines Alexandra - organic beauty coach
Nice to meet you!
I am Ines Alexandra, Qualified Cosmetic Consultant, Holistic Facialist, Organic Make-up Artist, Gua Sha teacher and the creator of “The Organic Beautylift Method”
I help female professionals over 40 to look and feel their best and years younger with my proven and natural Method.
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