Ines Alexandra

Professional Makeup artist, skincare Specialist and qualified cosmetic Consultant.

I will show you how to get a fabulous and naturally beautiful look by using organic, sustainable and high quality cosmetics.
We will create the perfect skincare and / or makeup routine for you with certified organic products that are nourishing and protect your skin from ageing.
Because healthy and protected skin is the perfect canvas for a great makeup!


“I met with Ines because I wanted to make my skin more virtuous and healthier while also looking to tone down any flush hues. Ines opened my eyes to natural product alternatives that I had never heard of before as well as to understand how, with just small daily tweaks, improvement is around the corner. After our skincare and beauty tool session, I felt a sensation of freshness and my skin gave off a younger vibe. I genuinely recommend a session with Ines for her professional demeanor, expertise and, above all, her ability to listen and understand your needs, modifying her tips to your habits and personality.”
Laura Marangoni - skincare & beauty tool
“I made my way to Ines with the aim of improving my skin and reducing bags and sacks under the eyes. I was pleasantly surprised by the “beauty tool” that Ines got me on that I was unaware of. After our makeup session I was extremely happy and I felt good under my skin. I really suggest a session with Ines to everyone because it was a very lovely and relaxing moment for me. Ines is professional to the utmost extent! Thanks again for everything!!”
Lara Petroboni - skincare, beauty tool & makeup
“I came to Ines because I wanted to know how to perform with natural and “invisible” makeup. I improved the appearance and hydration of my skin with products suited to my needs and to my skin, all the while learning some simple tricks that lead to excellent results. I strongly recommend a makeup session with Ines to all women above 40 in order to learn the right way to apply makeup.”
Federica Paganini - makeup session